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now we're cookin with gas. and brother, i'm about to start a house fire

Update 4/2/24

Still can't figure out what cbox's deal is. Can't decide if I want to embed an IRC client instead or not; I kinda liked cbox's ability to store old messages and not have to have instantaneous replies. Maybe a generic comments page would achieve the same goal, but whatever.

I have to stop thinking I can update this like a blog bc it turns out I'm really bad at blogging (see also: the fact that it took me over a month to post another update).

Update 2/23/24

Basic CSS should be pretty much done. Much happier with the web 1.0 look than the template i was using before. Not very mobile friendly but maybe I can fix that later. For now I'm just happy it works. The cbox broke and idk why, it was working before but now it's just not loading. Tried multiple fixes but none worked. I'll have to try and work on it later. Ideally I'd get rid of it an implement a small forum or something instead. Idk if Geocities supports that kind of thing for free accounts but at this point I might become a supporter just so I can use php files.

Going to Colorado to go skiing for all of next week. It's been snowing here for the past couple hours but I'm sure it won't stick unless it snows more next week. The fact that it was 50 degrees in February was making me want to kill myself so this is nice.

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